The production of this real meditation’s nectar begins in June, when, from a wide variety of Prunus Cerasus, a common plant of the countryside of Pergola, the wild cherries are picked up.

Those berries, picked up by hand and immediately carried to the winery, are properly cleaned and infused with a local red wine of the previous year (Montepulciano and Sangiovese) by adding only some sugar.

After about 4-5 months of fermentation and maturation, the liquor is now ready to be separated from the solid part and to be filtrated.

It is so created an aromatized wine with a bright ruby red color, characterized by a fruity taste with a feeling of wild cherry.

It is a sweet wine, with an intense and harmonic flavor and a dry aftertaste, pleasantly bitter.

It has an alcoholic graduation of 14°.

It can be consumed either young or aged, when, keeping alive his fruity taste, it became more complex and harmonic.

It is a sublime dessert wine; it is excellent if combined with all the typical desserts of the Marche region, like the anicini, the bundt cake, the wort’s donuts and all the dry pasties.

It is advisable to serve it at a 10°-12° C temperature.