Corrado Tonelli

The Corrado Tonelli’s agricultural enterprise was born in 1994, thanks to the wine-making culture who was handed down from father to son.
Visner is the most representative product of the company, which is a fermented wine aromatized with wild cherries (Prunus Cerasus).

In the peasant speech, instead, the product is known with the name of ‘wild cherries wine’: a typical Marche region’s product always produced in Cagli, Cantiano, Pergola and Jesi, with recipes who were handed down from father to son.

The Prunus Cerasus is a plant who grows in a spontaneous and wild way on some upland and hilly areas of the Marche region.
This plant was almost disappeared, but from several years, thanks to the rediscovery and the commercialization of the ‘wild cherries wine’ operated by Mr. Corrado Tonelli since 1994, it’s back again in the most important typical culture of the Marche area.

The production of the Visner begins in the month of June, when the berries of the Prunus Cerasus come to ripen.
At this berries are added local wine and sugar (and nothing else) following precise rations.

After about 4-5 months of refermentation and maturation, it creates a real and genuine liquor, with the alcoholic graduation of about 14°, a bright ruby red color, a strong scent of wild berry, an intense and harmonic flavor with a dry aftertaste.

This product was added, with the Ministerial Decree of 18 July 2000, to the national list of the traditional agri-food products; so this is a real typical feature of the Marche region.

The company produces another typical product of the Pesaro zone, it has a production technique similar to the Visner one, and it is called Prunello. In this case the sweet wine is fermented and aromatized with some wild fruits (Prunus Spinosa) picked up following the most respectful traditions of the countryside of Pergola.

The result it’s a product with a unique and pleasant aroma, who matches perfectly chocolate’s desserts.