The production of Visner, a genuine meditative “nectar”, starts from June when sour cherry is harvested by hand from the wild variety of Prunus Cerasus, a wild plant commonly found in the hilly countryside of Pesaro.

Similar to the cherry in appearance but with an unmistakeable sour taste. After being carefully de-stemmed and cleaned, these little fruits are immediately steeped with sugar in local red wine (Montepulciano and Sangiovese) from the previous year. In accordance with strict ratios, only three ingredients are used; sour cherries, local wine and sugar.

After about 4 to 5 months of fermentation and subsequent ageing, the liqueur is ready to be separated from the solid part and carefully filtered.

The result is a deep red ruby aromatic wine, harmonious and full bodied with a dry aftertaste. It is characterised by its fruity floral bouquet with a clear unmistakeable scent of sour cherry and pleasantly bitter.

Sublime dessert wine, excellent when paired with traditional pastries and cakes from the Marche region, such as anicini (tea biscuits), ciambellone (a bundt-like cake), ciambelle di mosto (smaller bundt-like cakes with wine must) and any other dry pastries.

Visner has an alcoholic content of 13.5% and best enjoyed served at a temperature of 10-12° C.

By ministerial decree on the 18th July 2000, this product was added to the national list of traditional agricultural products, making Visner an authentic speciality of the Ragione Marche.