About us

The Tonelli Corrado Farm can without doubt, be credited for rescuing the antique century-old winemaking family traditional recipe of Visner of Pergola from oblivion, rediscovering the unique flavour and unmistakeable aroma.
The company's most symbolic and representative product is Visner, a wine made from wild sour cherries (Prunus Cerasus).

In the local rural language it is known as “vino di visciola” (“wild sour cherry wine”). Wild sour cherry wine is a resource and unique feature of the Marche region, always having been produced in the villages of Cagli, Cantiano and Pergola, with recipes closely guarded and handed down from father to son.
Prunus Cerasus is a wild plant which grows spontaneously in the hilly and mountainous soil of Marche. In the not so distant past, it had come very close to disappearing from our landscape. It wasn't until 1994 that this wild plant started to thrive once more, thanks to the commercialisation of “vino di visciola” and to Doctor Corrado Tonelli who played a fundamental role in reintroducing this tree variety back into our countryside, especially in the upper Marche region.

The age-old recipe beats in time with the rhythm of nature.
Along with Visner, Tonelli Corrado Farm produces another speciality of Alto Pesarese, Prunello. Prunello is a sweet wine similar in production technique and serving suggestions to Visner.
Prunello is made with wild blackthorn (Prunus Spinosa), picked in the countryside during the first autumn months then added with sugar to the local wine. Harvesting and winemaking processes are respectful of the local Pesaro traditions.

After the passing of the founder Doctor Corrado Tonelli, his work continues through his heirs who have picked up the baton with the same passion for his work of enhancing and developing the territory with its specialities and uniqueness.